Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and actively consider our impact to the community and environment when making our business decisions

Collaboration with Various Leading Academic Institutions and Professional Associations

We have collaborated with the Jinzhou Medical University, to provide, amongst others, instruction and training to not just our dental professionals but also, those from other companies. We believe that such mutual instruction and training is beneficial for the dental industry in the Northern PRC, as well as the communities which it serves. Such is our commitment that we have, pursuant to such collaboration, established certain of our dental centres as training centres; our Executive Director and Group CEO, Dr. Shao, not just leads these, but frequently, together with some of our other dental professionals, provide training and instruction.

Participation in Dental and Oral Health Seminars and Events

In addition to the above, we frequently participate in dental and oral health seminars and events in the PRC. Most recently, we participated in dental and oral health events organised by the Shenyang Shenhe District Health Bureau (沈阳市沈河区卫生局), Shenyang Television, and Liaoning Television. We also frequently conduct dental services events, especially for children, at which we provide our dental services free-of-charge.

Loyalty and Goodwill

We believe that our approach to our business has, over the years, cultivated much loyalty and goodwill. “Word of mouth” referrals by our patients and customers have been particularly effective for us, and many of our resulting patients and customers go on to become referrers themselves. In order to maintain the trust and confidence of our patients and customers, we demand and seek standards, and our staff are provided with an employees’ handbook which sets out our code of ethics.

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